BeetleDash was one of the first game that was commercially developed in-house by Exhale Games Inc.

The forest has been over-ridden by beetles making it increasingly hard to find any food on the forest floor. Play along as you guide various forest creatures to the remaining food sources and back to safety before they beetles do!

BeetleDash is an ever increasingly fast paced game that pits the player against time, resources and security.

Originally designed and developed for Windows PC and Xbox Live Indie Games.


Windows XNA / Xbox 360 (XBLIG)

  • Hardware – Xbox 360 or Windows PC
  • Mode: Survival and Multi Player Head-To-Head or Co-Op
  • Graphics – HighDef @ 720p or 1080p
  • Storage – 50 MB
  • Controls – Xbox 360 Controller(s)



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