Knowledge Defense Force


Knowledge Defense Force was designed and developed in-house for the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in honor of the World Skills Competition being held in Calgary Alberta in September of 2009.

As requested two flavors or versions of Knowledge Defense Force were designed and developed.

The first was designed be playable in almost any PC with a CD Rom drive and was replicated to 30,000 units.

The second was designed to be run on an XBox 360 or PC using the Xbox 360 game controller.

The game was demonstrated at the World Skills event in the SAIT World Skills Founder booth down at the Calgary Stampede Grounds. The game was played by well over 45,000+ visitors and was a great success.


CD-Rom Version

  • OS – Windows95 / Windows98 / Vista
  • Memory – 512 KB
  • Storage – 75 MB
  • Video - 64 MB / OpenGL
  • Controls – Keyboard and Game-Pad

Xbox 360 & PC XNA Version

  • Hardware – Xbox 360 or Windows PC
  • Graphics – HighDef @ 720p or 1080p
  • Storage – 50 MB
  • Controls – Keyboard and Xbox 360 Controller


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