SharePoint Shooters


SharePoint Shooters  was developed in-house for the SharePoint Solutions Experts at MetaLogix for use at the booth the SharePoint 2009 Conference.

Looking for a clean and simple game mechanic that could be played in short bursts it was determined that a re-skin of and existing shooter we had internally was the best direction to take.

The game was built upon an existing in-house shooter code base and was designed to run only for the Xbox 360.

The game was demonstrated at the SharePoint 2009 Conference and was played by well over 10,000+ visitors and was very successful.


Xbox 360 & PC XNA Version

  • Hardware – Xbox 360 or Windows PC
  • Mode: Head-To-Head
  • Graphics – HighDef @ 720p or 1080p
  • Storage – 50 MB
  • Controls – Xbox 360 Controller(s) and ChatPad/Keyboard


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