BattlePaddles:CE or Competition-Edition was designed and developed in-house by Exhale Games Inc.

By mashing together the intense action of multiplayer combat with fun game play models from some of our favorite arcade games, BattlePong:CE  proves to be a pulse pounding test of reflexes, skill and just plain luck.

BattlePong:CE provides a number of game play models including 1-on-1 , 2-on-2 and Free-4-All combat modes. In an effort to makes the game more appealing to single and non competitive players it was decided that a new single and multiplayer co-op story mode be added. This is well into the planning stage and will move into development in the near future in preparation for an upcoming special release.


Windows XNA / Xbox 360 (XBLIG)

  • Hardware – Xbox 360 or Windows PC
  • Mode: 1-vs-1/2-vs-2/Free-4-All
  • Graphics – HighDef @ 720p or 1080p
  • Storage – 50 MB
  • Controls – Xbox 360 Controller(s)



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